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Nowadays, effective labor management becomes a key factor in the success of any enterprise. GEOR has been offering comprehensive workforce management solutions since 2010 to help your company optimize hiring, talent management, scheduling, compensation and compliance processes. Let’s take a closer look at how GEOR’s WFM can be your trusted tool to improve productivity and reduce risk.

Additional Benefits

Benefits of Workforce Management

Our remote workforce management software offers comprehensive solutions for optimizing workforce management processes.

Time tracking

Time tracking

Track the amount of time each team member spent on a particular project, create reports, and more.

Control cost

Control cost

Reduce labor costs by accurately forecasting demand, optimizing employee schedules, managing absences, and more.

Seamless Integration

Payroll with greater accuracy

We offer tools to automate the payroll process to avoid errors and omissions.

Smarter schedules

Smarter schedules

We offer tools to create flexible work schedules for employee workforce management with ease.

Manage a global team in one place

Manage a global team in one place

Our software allows you to manage your entire team from one system, regardless of their location.

Minimize compliance risk

Minimize compliance risk

Our workforce software company helps you comply with all labor-related requirements and laws, which reduces the risks of potential fines and lawsuits.

Workforce Management Solutions
Workforce Management Solutions

Providing Workforce Management Solutions

Our experience and reliability make us the ideal choice for collaboration. Let’s work together to optimize your workforce management products and create the right environment for your business to grow.

Possibilities of
Workforce Management Solution

Our tools offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing HR processes. Take a look at the main features of our software:



We offer tools to forecast workload and staffing needs based on historical data.



Our software makes it easy to create and customize employee schedules.


Time tracking

We provide tools to track remote workforce time and automatically build timesheets and reports.


Leave management

Our team helps you manage vacations, sick leave, and other employee absences.


Overtime management

We provide tools to monitor and record employee overtime and compensate accordingly.



Build custom reports and analyze staff productivity and performance.



We provide the tools to automatically comply with all labor related rules and regulations.

Optimise Your
Talent Acquisition

GEOR has been a leader in the employment industry for over a decade. We assist companies in hiring technical professionals worldwide by providing staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and robust best mobile workforce management software.

Talent Acquisition

How Workforce
Management System Works

On the road to workforce management solutions, we follow clear steps, each of which contributes to an optimized and effective workforce. Let’s take a look at our approach:


Strategic Direction

Implementing workforce management requires defining strategic goals and aligning them with actions



Gather data on current workforce and perform analysis to identify redundancies and gaps in processes


Identify solutions

Based on data analysis, the most appropriate solutions and software are selected to implement WFM principles



Once solutions are selected, GEOR helps implement procedures for all employees to ensure a consistent approach to workforce management.



We support the implementation of automation into WFM processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.



Ensure continuous development and optimization of your workforce by tracking progress towards your goals.

That’s why GEOR Company’s workforce management is an integrated approach to human resource management that will help your company become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace.

Sergio Artimenia
Sergio Artimenia
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Our workforce management solutions optimize your hiring, timekeeping, payroll and compliance processes, enabling your business growth and improving employee relations.