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GEOR is a global employer of record that streamlines your recruitment and hiring processes. Access the global talent pool without compliance or payroll friction. Enjoy truly global workforce management with EOR’s functional and intuitive talent management platform.

Talent management

Top 4 Issues
Faced by Our Customers

We address these and other issues faced by organizations.

Employee loyalty

Lengthy recruitment process

Having an expanded pool of technical talent and IT vendors allows us to respond to your request x4 times faster than the average in-house or staffing agency.

Operational continuity

Lack of tech expertise

With over a decade in software development and staff augmentation, we have accumulated extensive expertise in key technologies and diverse industries.

Minimal Legal Liability

Requirements gathering

Successful hiring begins with the job description. We help our clients outline the requirements needed for a particular position and create a compelling job description that resonates.

Risk mitigation

Workforce Management

Whether you need to manage employees, contractors or vendors, our proprietary workforce management platform allows you to easily track time, payroll, leave, vacation, benefits and more.

1 week
Welcome a new team
member in 1 week
offer acceptance
Over 100
countries covered
Database of over 40,000
pre-vetted IT experts

of Global Employment

As the global workplace is getting increasingly accessible without geographical limitations, you can also embrace the multiple benefits of HR outsourcing with our international employer of record solution.

Control cost

Cost savings

Your business will save money on HR staff and payroll software by getting an all-in-one service from GEOR.

Time tracking

Minimal onboarding time

Our EOR experts can streamline onboarding and reduce the average onboarding time without the loss of consistency and quality compromises.

Lengthy hiring process

Global tech talent pool

No more legal friction or jurisdictional limitations. GEOR allows access to tech talent in any corner of the world while ensuring legal compliance.

Access to deep procurement expertise

Multi-domain expertise

Our employer of record platform suits businesses specializing in numerous tech niches, from FinTech to retail, and offers fully customized tools.

Better control and visibility

Time & cost tracking tools

Make sure all your remote employees are on task with the individual time and cost tracking inventory of GEOR.

Process automation

Benefits and compensation plans

Manage employee benefits and compensations from a single dashboard regardless of your remote team’s size with our convenient software tools.


As a part of Geomotiv, we have been helping clients recruit and manage tech talent since 2010, always ready to scale up with the growing demand for IT workforce. We help with staff augmentation, dedicated team services, and automated workforce management via our branded employer of record software.



9001 : 2015
Quality Management
27001 : 2012
Information Security
45001 : 2018
Occupational health and safety

Client Reviews

Victor Fei
Victor Fei
Founder & CEO
Ormi Labs, Inc.

We’ve been truly impressed with the quality of candidates they offer. Thanks to them we were able to secure deals with top blockchain providers and decentralized finance projects.

Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz
Creative Director
Bright Bright Great

They provided innovative outputs and always meet the deadlines. Most of all, they have a deep understanding of the client’s business, allowing them to process things exceptionally.

David C Peterson
David C Peterson

The GEOR team was essentially an extension of our team. They found highly skilled engineers to manage core project goals, supporting the development of a scalable and reliable platform.

Gintautas Kišonas
Gintautas Kišonas
N Technologies

…their work ethic is great. You should expect above-average service. They’re professional and place a high value on customer service.

Shafi Mustafa
Shafi Mustafa

They have high quality people who are good at problem solving. Beyond the quality of their development work, they also provides thought leadership in coming up with strategic solutions.

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With GEOR, you can hire new staff in any country and create a truly global team without bothering with legal entry to the target market.