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What We Offer

Choosing GEOR as your dedicated agent of record services provider gives you access to a wide range of professional services on vendor selection, sourcing, and management. We are a global AOR organization with a solid reputation in tech vendor sourcing since 2012. Thus, clients may always expect to get the full range of staff augmentation and dedicated team services along with end-to-end vendor agreement handling.

GEOR services

Benefits of Our
AOR Service for Businesses

Our timely agent of record services can help you streamline IT services procurement and achieve greater productivity without distractions in the sourcing processes.

Access to the global tech talent pool

Global IT vendor pool

Your vendor choice shouldn’t be limited by geography. Whether you are a company in the US or work in the Asia Pacific region, you can access tech expertise in any corner of the globe.

Enhanced performance

Multi-domain expertise

GEOR provides professional AOR services in a variety of tech industries, spanning web and mobile development. Our qualified staff of hiring experts will always find the vendor with your required tech stack.

Manage a global team in one place

Vendor management software

We provide access to a user-friendly, all-in-one vendor management platform where you can perform all communications, payments, and project-tracking activities with hired agencies.

Compliance management

Compliance management

GEOR executes the whole process of hiring vendors in line with local regulations and laws to avoid liability or fines and registers the contract for its local entity. Our legal representation fully protects you.

Cost savings and control

Time and cost tracking

You don’t need to bother with manual calculations and payment disbursals anymore. The GEOR software holds all data about your vendor agreements and automates payments for completed projects in multiple currencies.

Minimize compliance risk

Business protection

Your business is under comprehensive legal protection because GEOR is the official contract partner of your vendors in multiple jurisdictions. Thus, your legal interests are always fully covered, even in cases of audits and checks by local regulatory agencies.


Whether you need a service vendor for a one-time task or a longer project, GEOR can choose a suitable provider without misclassification risks and help you close a pending business task without delays. Let your business grow and develop while we are handling the paperwork.


How Does the
AOR Model Work?

GEOR provides full-cycle AOR service coverage to let you sit back and relax, knowing that we will find vendors with relevant qualifications for you. The AOR service life cycle includes the following stages:


RFX process

GEOR experts prepare structured documentation to request additional information, service quotes, and bids from potential vendors upon your request and specifications.


Vendor screening

We perform an initial screening of suitable vendors for project-based employment to take the guesswork and risks out of the work process.



We assume full responsibility for continuously monitoring compliance and guarantee full compliance even under changing regulations with repeated vendor checks and audits.



GEOR can provide full-scale onboarding for your vendors in multiple locations to streamline your business processes and let you focus on core priorities.


Time and cost management

The AOR makes all vendor communication and interactions automated and effective. We do our best to avoid business process bottlenecks and ensure timely task management updates and real-time cost estimates.



The top benefit of AOR is continuous monitoring of compliance and documentation, along with the financial processes involved in your collaboration with multiple vendors.

Client Reviews

Victor Fei
Victor Fei
Founder & CEO
Ormi Labs, Inc.

We’ve been truly impressed with the quality of candidates they offer. Thanks to them we were able to secure deals with top blockchain providers and decentralized finance projects.

Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz
Creative Director
Bright Bright Great

They provided innovative outputs and always meet the deadlines. Most of all, they have a deep understanding of the client’s business, allowing them to process things exceptionally.

David C Peterson
David C Peterson

The GEOR team was essentially an extension of our team. They found highly skilled engineers to manage core project goals, supporting the development of a scalable and reliable platform.

Gintautas Kišonas
Gintautas Kišonas
N Technologies

…their work ethic is great. You should expect above-average service. They’re professional and place a high value on customer service.

Shafi Mustafa
Shafi Mustafa

They have high quality people who are good at problem solving. Beyond the quality of their development work, they also provides thought leadership in coming up with strategic solutions.

asked questions

Get to know our services better

What does AOR mean?

AOR stands for “agent of record”, which is a specialized hiring service enabling the sourcing of vendors across the globe without the need to establish a legal entity in all jurisdictions of your presence. This way, you can partner with a service vendor – an agency or a tech company – in any country by registering the contract via an AOR provider.

What are the differences between EOR and AOR hiring services?

AOR solutions are suitable for companies searching for contingent vendor services, while the EOR model is suitable for businesses aiming at full-time staff hiring. This way, the agent of record in the US can help you partner with vendors in any jurisdiction for a short-term project without compliance issues or legal problems.

How can AOR help my business?

Using agent of record services for business is always a wise solution if you want to find, hire, and manage vendors on a remote basis. The AOR service allows you to get the right service provider on board and complete your business tasks in due time without the costly overheads of independent hiring.

How does AOR ensure compliance?

By using AOR services, you don’t need to bother about the compliance audits of your chosen vendors. The AOR will undertake an in-depth audit of your potential vendor’s business contacts and business relationships across multiple jurisdictions to offer only safe options.

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