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Optimize Vendor Management with Our Solution

Efficiently sourcing multiple vendors and managing their work without straining other operational processes is the new normal of a modern supplier procurement. If you have many service providers and contractors in a variety of jurisdictions, a vendor management solution is what you need to optimize costs and processes.

GEOR services

Benefits of Vendor Management System

GEOR’s vendor management software is your door to a more productive and rewarding relationship with the full range of employed vendors.

Cost savings and control

Cost savings and control

GEOR experts will assume full responsibility for all vendor management aspects, thus letting your in-house staff concentrate on core business tasks. All processes occur under your close guidance.

Access to the global tech talent pool

Access to the global tech talent pool

We can provide a legal entity in any country to help your business partner with vendors of interest on a fully legal and compliant basis. No restrictions by location; you can work with any vendor without legal constraints.

Time tracking

Effective scheduling and time tracking

The ERP platform is equipped with smart, configurable modules for vendor task scheduling and task tracking. Keep all your vendor operations under rigorous control with this comprehensive cloud-based resource.

Minimize compliance risk

Risk management

Third-party risks are immense, as you may lose tons of money by hiring the wrong contractor. GEOR recruiters scan the potential candidacies to eliminate misclassification risks and onboard only qualified staff.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Third-party risk is an ever-present element of working with a contingent workforce. GEOR scanning of vendor reputation and track record allows for minimizing those risks and partnering only with top-tier talent.

Process automation

Process automation

Our ERP system simplifies policy and procedure automation with standard yet customizable tools and steps. You can easily set up onboarding and management workflows to communicate vendor roles and responsibilities.

Client Reviews

Victor Fei
Victor Fei
Founder & CEO
Ormi Labs, Inc.

We’ve been truly impressed with the quality of candidates they offer. Thanks to them we were able to secure deals with top blockchain providers and decentralized finance projects.

Jason Schwartz
Jason Schwartz
Creative Director
Bright Bright Great

They provided innovative outputs and always meet the deadlines. Most of all, they have a deep understanding of the client’s business, allowing them to process things exceptionally.

David C Peterson
David C Peterson

The GEOR team was essentially an extension of our team. They found highly skilled engineers to manage core project goals, supporting the development of a scalable and reliable platform.

Gintautas Kišonas
Gintautas Kišonas
N Technologies

…their work ethic is great. You should expect above-average service. They’re professional and place a high value on customer service.

Shafi Mustafa
Shafi Mustafa

They have high quality people who are good at problem solving. Beyond the quality of their development work, they also provides thought leadership in coming up with strategic solutions.

Why choose GEOR

Vendor contract management is a complex aspect of any distributed business’s activities, and GEOR is ready to assume full responsibility for this part of your routines. Here are the capabilities of our suppliers management services and tech resources.

Why choose GEOR

Features of Vendor Management Solution

These and other features are available to our clients

Vendor management Platform
Labor forecasting
Absence management
Overtime management
Regulatory compliance
Vendor data management


Quality Management
Information Security
Occupational health and safety

Stages of Vendor Management

We employ an easily traceable, standard algorithm for organizing our vendor management services. This way, the process becomes transparent and predictable.


Needs identification

We begin the process of vendor management for small business and large organizations the same way: with the identification of business needs you want to address by hiring new vendors.


Requirements preparation

Your business needs lay the foundation for requirements, which are shaped into a well-structured document for vendor review and evaluation of the work costs and deadlines.


RFX process

GEOR managers send out requests for proposals and bids for the identified scope of work. They interact with vendors and negotiate optimal contractual terms and costs to find the best match.


Vendor screening

Once the initial list of suitable vendors is identified, the GEOR analysts conduct a full background check to determine the vendors’ integrity and reputation in their respective domains.


Due diligence

Due diligence procedures are undertaken to check the vendors’ partnerships with other companies across multiple jurisdictions and identify any sources of third-party risks you may incur.



GEOR experts check all local compliance frameworks and regulations that govern your contractual agreements with the selected vendor. They prepare proper documents for the vendor’s agreement with GEOR’s local legal entity.



The GEOR team welcomes new vendors to its ERP platform with a standardized onboarding workflow, where you can introduce business-specific adjustments that suit the vendor’s specific roles and responsibilities.


Time and cost management

The all-in-one GEOR platform enables convenient monitoring of your projects’ timelines and dynamic cost management across multiple vendors to let you stay within the budget and optimize costs.


Billing and invoicing

Advanced tech features of the GEOR management platform enable seamless bill management, payroll, taxation, and invoicing operations without concern about regulatory heterogeneity.



The whole workforce lifecycle becomes fully visible for you on a single source of data – the ERP platform uniting GEOR managers, all your vendors, and you as the main curator of the process.

Additional Benefits
Additional Benefits
Additional Benefits
Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits
You Can Get

You can delegate all vendor management hassle to GEOR while staying in the loop at the same time. We deliver timely progress reports and keep you informed via the admin dashboard in the ERP system

Industry Expertise

Increase vendor loyalty through clear, predictable workflows, interactions, and processes.

Enhanced performance

Vendors tend to perform better once they have a user-friendly, intuitive platform for interaction with customers.

Supply chain resilience
chain resilience

Identify mission-critical aspects, reduce third-party risk

Operational continuity

Unify processes to simplify workflows and enable efficient vendor onboarding

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Transform your vendor relationship management with GEOR’s fully organized all-in-one service offering.