About Savveo

Savveo is a leading US-based AdTech company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Its core offering is a unified platform that enables advertisers to streamline the process of comparing, purchasing, and tracking linear TV ad campaigns through a centralized online marketplace. Savveo also provides a suite of complementary tools to facilitate efficient media buying for industry players.

The Challenge

Savveo aimed to develop a custom TV media selling product that could automate sales processes on the television ad companies’ side. The solution needed to allow TV station groups to scale their sales teams smoothly without incurring significant management overhead. Additionally, the platform had to cater to the needs of third-party media buyers.

As experts in staff augmentation, GEOR’s dedicated team of professionals played a pivotal role in the successful development of the unified AdTech platform. Our comprehensive approach, from requirements analysis to development and DevOps, ensured a seamless implementation of the client’s vision.

Tamuna Basaria
Head of Sales

The Solution

GEOR by Geomotiv provided professional employment organization (PEO) and staff augmentation services to Savveo, assembling a dedicated team of experts to bring their vision to life. The project followed a comprehensive approach, encompassing the following stages:

Business Requirement Acquisition and Analysis

GEOR’s team accumulated and analyzed Savveo’s business requirements to ensure a thorough understanding of their needs.

Technology Stack Definition

Based on the requirements, a suitable technology stack was defined, with AWS, Java, and JavaScript serving as the core technologies.

Inventory Service Integration

The team integrated Savveo’s platform with leading inventory services like Videa and WideOrbit.

Custom Data Management Platform (DMP) Development

A custom DMP was developed to store and process first- and third-party inventory sales data from the past few years, enabling the design and implementation of highly accurate custom algorithms for automated media plan generation and programmatic execution of campaigns.

Full-cycle Product Development

GEOR provided end-to-end services, including prototyping, design, development, quality assurance, deployment, and DevOps.

Key Results

By partnering with GEOR by Geomotiv, Savveo achieved the following remarkable results:

  • Automated the dealmaking process conducted by the client’s agency, significantly reducing the time spent on each deal.
  • Enabled a major part of media planners’ work to be performed automatically, boosting the overall team performance by 50%.
  • Allowed media planners to focus on other areas, as routine tasks were streamlined through automation.

Technologies Used

  • AWS as Cloud platform
  • Java for Backend development
  • JavaScript for Frontend development
  • Videa for Inventory service integration
  • WideOrbit for Inventory service integration

About GEOR

GEOR by Geomotiv is a leading provider of professional employment organization (PEO) and staff augmentation services, enabling businesses to access top talent globally. With a focus on the IT industry, GEOR offers comprehensive solutions for companies seeking to scale their teams efficiently while minimizing administrative overhead.

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