Client Background

MedWhat stands at the forefront of medical technology innovation, with its foundations deeply rooted in the expertise of a diverse team comprising doctors, data scientists, artificial intelligence PhDs, and medical researchers from Stanford University. Based in the technological heartland of Silicon Valley, MedWhat has dedicated over seven years to pioneering medical research with the aim of enhancing patient care, minimizing diagnostic uncertainties, reducing human errors, and elevating the quality of medical services. Their visionary endeavor led to the conceptualization of a medical chatbot designed to support healthcare professionals by offering medical consultations, enhancing patient outcomes, and optimizing operational efficiencies.

Empowering healthcare innovation, GEOR by Geomotiv is at the forefront of integrating AI-driven solutions to enhance medical outcomes and transform patient care, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to advancing technology for a healthier tomorrow.

Tamuna Basaria
Head of Sales

Tech Stack

The project leveraged a sophisticated array of technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Bootstrap, Java, Gradle, and Azure to create a robust and responsive solution.


MedWhat sought to develop a patient-centric digital assistant that could revolutionize the way healthcare providers interact with and manage patient care. The envisioned chatbot was designed to offer precise medical information tailored to individual health records, aiming to support healthcare entities such as insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical firms, ensuring alignment with their operational requirements.

Project Execution

Leveraging their proficiency in crafting similar digital solutions, GEOR by Geomotiv employed a strategic approach to this project. The development team, proficient in artificial intelligence and machine learning, crafted a dynamic application capable of adapting to patient-specific inquiries. The chatbot’s intelligence was underpinned by a continuously updated knowledge base, incorporating real-time patient health records and historical medical queries to deliver informed and accurate responses.

Project phases

  1. Procurement of Business Requirements 
    Initial phase involved in-depth consultations with MedWhat to understand the precise needs and compliance requirements of the targeted healthcare sectors.
  2. Architecture Design 
    The team formulated a robust architecture plan, ensuring the chatbot’s scalability, security, and integration capabilities with existing healthcare systems.
  3. Back and Front End Development 
    Focused on creating a user-friendly interface while establishing a strong, reliable backend infrastructure to process and respond to user queries effectively.
  4. Code Refactoring 
    Continuous refinement of the code ensured optimal performance, maintainability, and scalability of the application.
  5. Quality Assurance
    Rigorous testing phases were implemented to ensure the application’s reliability, accuracy, and user-centric functionality.
  6. Production Deployment 
    Following successful testing and refinement, the chatbot was deployed, ready to transform the patient-care landscape.


Through this collaborative venture, GEOR by Geomotiv and MedWhat achieved the timely development of a groundbreaking AI-driven medical chatbot. This achievement played a pivotal role in supporting MedWhat’s ongoing fundraising initiatives, positioning them as innovators in the medical technology space. The project not only underscored GEOR by Geomotiv’s expertise as a professional IT services procurement company but also demonstrated their ability to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions that align with the strategic objectives of their clients in the healthcare industry.

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