About the Client

Rubicon Project, established in 2007, is a premier technology entity specializing in online media buying and selling. With a commitment to innovation, Rubicon has cemented its position as a key collaborator for publishers, brands, content creators, and app developers. Their sophisticated solutions empower leading companies to engage in efficient transactions and offer seamless consumer experiences. At the core of their operations is one of the industry’s most extensive real-time cloud and big data computing platforms, managing billions of transactions monthly, employing advanced data analysis through Hadoop and Apache Spark to inform their comprehensive reporting modules.


Rubicon’s strategic goal was to enhance a subsidiary product pivotal for revenue generation, opting for a big data solution crafted by seasoned third-party engineers to preserve their internal team’s focus on primary tasks. This approach underscores the utilization of Employer of Record (EOR) services for staff augmentation, enabling Rubicon to leverage specialized expertise without diverting their core team from essential functions.

Our collaboration with Rubicon exemplifies our commitment to delivering bespoke IT solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, driving their business forward in an increasingly data-driven landscape.

Tamuna Basaria
Head of Sales


The primary challenge was to manage and optimize the vast data volume Rubicon processes, necessitating a robust technology stack and a scalable team adept in big data technologies. Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems while maintaining high-performance standards was crucial for the project’s success.

Implementation and Phases

The implementation journey was segmented into strategic phases:

1. Pilot Design

Initial phase focused on establishing a robust foundation using Java, Hadoop, and Spark, tailored to meet Rubicon’s data processing needs.

2. 1st Scale-Up

Following the pilot’s success, the team expanded, intensifying the development efforts and refining the solution to enhance data processing capabilities.

3. 2nd Scale-Up

Further expansion and optimization were executed, ensuring the solution’s scalability and its alignment with Rubicon’s growing data demands.


By partnering with GEOR by Geomotiv for managed IT services, Rubicon achieved a threefold acceleration in staff augmentation and a significant cost reduction of 45%. This strategic collaboration enabled Rubicon to augment their market share and solidify market presence, demonstrating the tangible benefits of leveraging specialized IT expertise through an EOR model.

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