Client Profile

MediaMath, a pioneering AdTech entity, excels in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions to over 3,500 advertisers and brands globally. Their robust portfolio spans programmatic media buying, data management, audience segmentation, and targeting tools. The Custom Solutions division in the UK, our collaborative partner, has acknowledged the success of numerous projects executed by our team.

MediaMath’s decision to opt for the staff augmentation model was driven by the necessity for specialized AdTech expertise and the desire for enhanced operational flexibility. This model offered a seamless extension of their in-house team, allowing for a dynamic scaling of resources in alignment with project demands.

Tamuna Basaria
Head of Sales

Technological Backbone

The project utilized an extensive array of technologies: Python, Node.js, React.js, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS, Google Cloud, AMQP, MongoDB, LaunchDarkly, and the ELK Stack. This diverse tech stack underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools to deliver bespoke solutions.


The engagement aimed to provide MediaMath with a full-time, proficient team in AdTech to enhance existing features, develop new components, and ensure seamless platform integration. Adhering to the Agile methodology ensured continuous iteration and improvement throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Synopsis

Our journey with MediaMath began over five years ago, embarking on a mission to create an automated technical solution for advertising campaigns. The need was for a team adept in AdTech to augment the platform’s functionalities and introduce innovative features, a role Geomotiv was poised to fill.

Project Highlights

Our team has developed dozens of sub-solutions of varying types and complexity over more than 5 years of working with MediaMath.

White-label Ad Management System

Tailored for clients desiring a simplified version of MediaMath’s DSP, this system retained core functionalities while eschewing unnecessary complexity, offering unparalleled flexibility and user-centric adaptability.

Scheduler System for Ad Campaigns

Embedded within the client’s DSP, this system provided a user-friendly interface for managing advertising schedules, employing intricate logic and a comprehensive feature set for schedule manipulation.

Graphical Ad Campaign Analysis

This standalone module allowed for the visual representation of campaign data, aiding in the intuitive analysis of advertising outcomes.

AdTech Entity Validator

A Python-based tool enabling MediaMath to authenticate campaign-related data, this validator is accessible as a reusable component, enhancing efficiency across teams.

Automated Testing Package

Developed to enhance testing efficiency, this package, stored in a private repository, offers a standardized approach to software validation across teams.

Feedback Collection Website

This platform streamlines user feedback for MediaMath’s AdTech solutions, directly channeling insights to the support team for analysis and action.

Development Boilerplate

To expedite future developments, a standardized project template was created, housing ready-to-use modules and accelerating the development process.

By integrating Geomotiv’s specialized professionals directly into their workflow, MediaMath capitalized on the opportunity to bridge skill gaps efficiently, fostering a collaborative environment that accelerated innovation. The staff augmentation approach provided the dual benefits of maintaining project momentum while ensuring that the augmented team was fully immersed in MediaMath’s company culture, thereby facilitating a unified approach to achieving project objectives.

Tamuna Basaria
Head of Sales

Execution Phases

  • Business requirement analysis and architectural design set the foundation for the project.
  • Agile development cycles facilitated iterative progress, encompassing development, testing, and deployment phases, culminating in the release.


Our partnership with MediaMath exemplifies the power of collaborative innovation in AdTech. The suite of solutions delivered has not only enhanced the operational prowess of MediaMath’s platforms but also significantly enriched the advertiser experience, fostering loyalty and operational efficiency. The strategic development initiatives have poised MediaMath for sustained success, minimizing future maintenance costs and streamlining development workflows.


5 Years
12 projects
Operational costs


The Geomotiv-MediaMath collaboration is a testament to how strategic partnerships can drive technological advancement and industry leadership in the AdTech domain, setting new benchmarks for innovation and user engagement.

Advantages of Partnering with GEOR

Choosing GEOR by Geomotiv as their IT services sourcing provider brought MediaMath a multitude of benefits. Geomotiv’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge technology solutions in the AdTech sector positioned them as an ideal partner for MediaMath’s ambitious projects. With a robust talent pool specializing in the latest technological stacks and AdTech nuances, Geomotiv ensured that MediaMath had access to top-tier professionals dedicated to their mission. The partnership was underscored by Geomotiv’s commitment to operational excellence, which manifested through agile methodologies, transparent communication, and a deep understanding of MediaMath’s strategic objectives. Furthermore, Geomotiv’s adaptability in scaling teams and their proactive approach to tackling technical challenges ensured that MediaMath received not just manpower, but a strategic ally invested in their success. This synergy between MediaMath and GEOR by Geomotiv catalyzed the creation of innovative solutions, thereby reinforcing MediaMath’s position as a frontrunner in the digital advertising landscape.

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