About the Client

Rubicon Project, headquartered in the United States, is at the forefront of the AdTech industry, specializing in the automation of media buying and selling processes. Their cutting-edge digital advertising platform is a comprehensive solution, encompassing campaign planning, ad serving, optimization, analytics, and reporting functionalities. Catering to a diverse clientele including leading publishers, brands, content creators, and app developers, Rubicon Project’s platform is instrumental in managing and safeguarding trillions of advertising requests each month. Despite having a robust development team, the client sought to enhance its platform’s capabilities by integrating external ad network functionalities, particularly focusing on Facebook ad campaign performance tracking.


The primary objective was to augment Rubicon Project’s platform with external ad network integration capabilities, specifically for Facebook advertising. This initiative aimed to eliminate the need for users to recreate campaigns within the platform, thereby streamlining their advertising efforts. Given the importance of maintaining focus on the core functionalities that were critical to their revenue, Rubicon Project opted to engage a third-party team for this integration task. This decision underscored their commitment to expanding service offerings without compromising on their core operational excellence.

Our collaboration with Rubicon Project exemplifies our dedication to delivering specialized managed IT services that complement our clients’ in-house capabilities. By integrating external ad network functionalities, we aimed to not only enhance the Rubicon platform’s value proposition but also empower their users with streamlined advertising processes.

Tamuna Basaria
Head of Sales


The integration project posed several challenges, including the need to align with Rubicon Project’s stringent quality standards, the technical intricacies of the Facebook Ads API, and the imperative to ensure seamless integration without disrupting existing platform functionalities.

The project unfolded in distinct phases, starting with a thorough analysis and the development of a proof of concept. This initial phase involved in-depth study and experimentation with the Facebook Ads API to design a robust API set that would integrate seamlessly with the Rubicon platform.

Implementation and Phases

1. Proof of Concept

Development of a preliminary API set based on extensive analysis of the Facebook Ads API documentation and samples.

2. Review and Feedback Cycle

Iterative refinement of the API set through continuous feedback and collaboration with the Rubicon Project team.

3. Production Deployment

Final implementation and integration of the enhanced API set into the Rubicon platform, followed by rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.


The partnership with GEOR by Geomotiv enabled Rubicon Project to expand its service offerings, integrating essential external ad network functionalities into its platform. This strategic enhancement not only streamlined the advertising process for users but also unlocked new revenue opportunities for Rubicon Project, reinforcing its position as a leader in the AdTech industry.

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